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Finding profitability in an unlikely niche

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Improvements in life quality

While I was browsing through Herman Martinus' blog post on quitting social media, one thing caught my eye. He casually mentions having launched 3 projects with moderate success.

I’ve started 3 projects, one of which turned into a business that allowed me to quit my job and live a much freer life.

I usually tend to hear not to expect an improved work-life balance with your own business, but not only he managed to make his passion project profitable and stable enough to quit his job, but also fight back his freedom. Even if this is a exception among indie makers, it's interesting to have a closer look.

The (semingly easy) journey to 40k users

JustSketchMe - a character posing tool for artists seems to be such a niche product that if you're not an artist or gamedev, it is hard to imagine there is a demand for it.

Yet it gathers a steady following and has been growing at over 50% month-over-month since monetizing some features: from $420 reaching $5,300 MRR in April 2020.

It is an example of SEO done well. While Herman at the time of writing has hired a marketing manager, majority of his initial visitors were coming from organic search. The main success factor is addressing a niche with high volume, low competition keywords (keywords like “drawing poser” amount to 22k monthly searches). Spending some time with keyword research tools proved to be fruitful. Link building, while important, plays a less significant role in this case.


While finding a low competition niche is a solid and proven tip to grow paying visitors, there is another lesson that I like.

...[it includes] not being in front of the computer so much. I love being at the ocean and in nature and my plan is to spend more time doing that.

I'm with you on this one, Herman. Quitting social media plays well with that.