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Photopea takes on photo editors

About 2 min to read


Photopea vs Photoshop

I have to admit when I stumble upon different websites I don't immediatelly think about how much this particular website that I am on makes. As a user, I'm in the mindset of solving a very niche problem and hoping the website helps me achieve that.

But it could worthwile to be more reflective on your surroundings.

Visiting Photopea is an excellet solution to those looking for free Adobe Photoshop or Gimp alternative with similar or even unique features as well as preferring not to install resource-heavy applications. Sounds good to me.

Keyword volume on those topics start at minimum tens of thousands, so the traffic - potentially - is there. The app has ads and offer paid plans, so it is already monetized.

Break down of income

Further googling and lurking in hacker news reveals - surprisingly - it's a one man band operation - and quite skillful at that. Ivan Kutskir breaks down the income from Photopea:

Over the last 12 months he made almost $1 million: 90% from display ads you see in the app. 10% from premium users paying to hide those ads and/or licencing a self-hosted version of Photopea.

It's an inspiring case that shows that a solo developer can create a product arguably on par with paid products from big companies and even be financially profitable, even achieving financial independence or fairly passive income.


Is there survivorship bias in this story? Sure. Working on your own project is a tremendous risk; and for every success story like this, there's at least dozens who fail or don't even make enough to pay their bills.

However, with your unique skillset, you might as well kickstart your own thing and try to grow it slowly Vs a corporate job. You know which you prefer.